Hi there! Either you’re a stay at home mom or thinking of staying home, this is the perfect blog for you. I never thought I’d be a fulltime mom and housewife, but the Lord made it so that I am now both.

As you read through my posts I hope you get a sense that there’s much more to being a fulltime mother and housewife. There’s so much more to being “just” at home, if there even is such a thing. There are joys and there are pains. There are losses and there are gains. But in the end, you are planting a seed in your children and nourishing them to grow. In the end, you are loving your husband and helping him in ways more than you can imagine.

I am Gee Majal M. Chiong, a wife to a dear husband, a mother to an energetic toddler, and a newbie homeschooler. Allow me to share with you my journey through the different stages of womanhood.


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