Bring Out the Clips and Cardboard

Sometimes kids get excited to play with things we never thought they’d like to play with in the first place. They have their colorful toys that make funny sounds and have flashing lights, but when you come out with your household stuff, they want to play with that instead.

Take for example this clip and cardboard set that my little boy plays with.


The first time I encountered this activity was on Pinterest. And then I found a local mom who does this with her child as well. You can read about it here. She has wonderful activities for preschoolers as well.

This is another inexpensive activity that Dylan likes to do.

What you’ll need:

  • Laundry clips
  • Shoebox cover or any cardboard cover

What to do:

  • Demonstrate to your child that he or she needs to place the laundry clips around the cardboard.
  • Now it’s your child’s turn. 
  • Be patient. If it’s their first time, they won’t be able to do it perfectly on the first go, especially if the laundry clips are hard.
  • Leave him/her alone to play with it. If he/she doesn’t follow your instruction, then let your child play with it the way he/she likes.



At first Dylan had a hard time doing it. He was finding it hard to aim the clip while pinching it open over the place he wanted to put it on. So, I improvised the activity instead.



I placed all the clips on the shoebox cover while he was watching, showing him that it can be done. Then I told him to remove the clips one by one and place it back in its bag. It was easier for him to do that.

DAY 2 – Morning


When Dylan woke up the next morning and came down, he saw his clip and cardboard activity on the table so he went straight to work at it. When I came to see his work, he was able to put the clips just like I instructed him to the day before. But he wasn’t able to cover all sides.

DAY 2 – Afternoon



By the time afternoon came, Dylan was able to do it much faster and covered all sides, too.

This activity:

  • Strengthens fine motor skills
  • Helps with focus and concentration
  • Practices hand-eye coordination

When Dylan would finish the activity, we’d pretend it was a cake full of candles. He would sing Happy Birthday and then blow out the “candles”.

If only this were a real cake, then I wouldn’t have to turn it down. =D 

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