Quick and Easy Sensory Bag

For this sensory play, I actually involved Dylan while making it. In the sensory bottle, his only participation was putting the required number of drops of food coloring in. When making the sensory bag, Dylan was there all the way.

What you’ll need:

  • Gelatin powder (your preferred color or clear)
  • Water
  • Food coloring (we used blue, you can use your preferred color)
    • You will not need food coloring when using colored gelatin
  • Small toys or waterproof stickers
  • Ziplock bag


  • Make the gelatin. Just follow the instructions that came with the gelatin powder. For our sensory bag, we used Knox but you can use any other brand.
  • Add food coloring. Since I was using Dylan’s ocean creatures stickers, I decided on blue  food coloring. I only used two drops for this.
  • Mix, mix, mix! 
  • Place inside a ziplock bag 
  • Add toys or, in our case, stickers
  • Seal the ziplock bag (making sure to remove excess air)

I let Dylan help me in making the gelatin, adding the food coloring and dropping the stickers in the Ziplock bag.

Note: Don’t forget to praise your child for helping you. Be specific! “Thank you for helping mommy make the gelatin”. “You mixed the gelatin really well”. 

Once you’re done, give to your child to mush with his fingers or squeeze with his hands. Just make sure you don’t fill the bag with too much gelatin and let the air out before closing so that your bag won’t explode when the child squeezes too hard!


Your child will enjoy:

  • Feeling the texture
  • Noticing the toys move when he touches the gelatin.
  • Counting air bubbles and noticing it move

When your child doesn’t want to play with his sensory bag anymore, you can keep it in the refrigerator so that the gelatin will harden. When he wants to play with it again, he will love mushing the hardened gelatin until it returns to its original consistency.


I was able to keep the sensory bag for a week of being in and out of the fridge before it started to turn runny. I had to dispose of the gelatin and wash the re-usable stickers to use for another time and activity.


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