Caution: Mess Ahead

Last week, I had Dylan try some sensory play activities. I knew it was going to be messy, based on what other mommies have said. Since Dylan was going to do it indoors, I decided to place it in the pool, just to have the mess contained as much as possible.

He ended up having lots of fun and looking like he had dandruff. Haha. And I soooo, underestimated the mess. Good thing the inflatable pool was up. Otherwise, it would have been a long day of picking up pastas, tapiocas, and oatmeals.

Our sensory tub was made up of pantry items that I already had but haven’t been using for quite some time.

  • Elbow macaroni pasta (from Dylan’s scooping exercise)
  • Sago or tapioca pearls (unused for almost a year now)
  • Oatmeal (just a little bit to add a difference in texture)
  • Scoops
  • Brush and dust pan
  • Car (or whatever toy your toddler likes)

What do you have to do?

Nothing really. You just put the items together and let your toddler do the rest.


He got quite excited when I put the pool up. He climbed right in and started fiddling with the sensory tub.


Soon, he got his feet in there. The pasta and sago got a beating. They got cracked and some of the sago turned to powder. =D


He probably thought the tub was a little too small so he decided to pour everything out in the pool. (Thank goodness for the inflatable pool. Can you imagine if this were all on the floor?!)



He tried using the scoops, then his hands, then he sat on it and just spread the stuff around with his feet.



This is where his dust pan and brush came in handy. He figured out it was quicker to put the stuff back in the tub using this. I did a demo on this until he got comfortable doing it on his own.


He’d hide his car and then we’d make a game of finding where it is.

He did this the whole morning and had breaks here and there when he got tired or bored of the activity. Then he’d go back to the pool and do whatever he wanted to do with his sensory tub.

Before you think that it’s a waste of money, you can actually keep all these in a bottle or box for use again and again. My heart broke though because our househelp misunderstood my instructions. There were some pastas and stuff that got flung on the floor. I told my househelp not to use those anymore. Maybe I should have told her to keep the ones that were still inside the pool. She ended up throwing the whole thing. Huhuhu.

On a funnier note. I was reading a blog about toddlers and sensory boxes here by The Teaching Mama before I did this activity with Dylan. After I saw what Dylan was doing with the sensory tub I broke out laughing because it was exactly what The Teaching Mama was talking about. Her toddler and mine literally did the same thing!

Try it one day. Your toddler might just enjoy himself as much as Dylan did. =)



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