Our Little Helper

“Mommy, help.” This is our little boy’s favorite phrase to say these days. Whatever we’re doing, when he sees us doing it, he wants to “help”. So, I let him.

There are times when I would really like to finish up all the cleaning in the house, but our little guy wants to play with me. Of course, when he plays, the house gets messy so that really makes your cleaning endless.


When Dylan is in the mood to help me, he will usually say so. This is the time I will just give him cleaning tools and tell him which parts to clean. He’ll do as instructed and then ends up playing anyway. But, when he really gets into it, like wiping down furniture with a spray bottle, he’ll really finish the task. It’s really cute.


Dylan also got a gift from his ninang (thank you so much!) that made cleaning a bit of a game as well as a serious chore for him to do. The gift was a cleaning set from Melissa & Doug. In it was a mop, sweep, duster, brush and dust pan.

Now, every time Dylan is playing with something that gets messy or sees any part of the house messy, he would run to his cleaning set, get what he needs and start cleaning.



He’d call my attention and say “See? Messy! Dylan cleaning.”

Of course, the happy and proud mom would say, “Good job, little guy!”

When do you introduce chores? 

Right now, it’s not much of a chore but a game that we both would play. When he sees me sweeping and wants to imitate me, I let him. When I’m mopping and he wants to take the mop from me, I let him. Of course, I just do that for a little bit and then I’d make him understand that I need to use it.If he doesn’t let go, I just  clean with him holding on, too. It’s a little harder and makes things slower, but the job gets done eventually.

Aside from cleaning, I’ve also added to the list rice cooking. One day, I decided to ask Dylan if he wanted to help me cook rice. (I read a blog where a mom let her children cook rice with her and decided to try it on Dylan). He said yes. Now, whenever we prepare to cook for rice and he notices, he’ll join in and say “Help Dylan”.

I’ve also given him the responsibility of getting and serving his own water. I got a small pitcher for him and taught and assisted him to pour his water in his cup. He likes doing it so we’re keeping it on our list until he masters it.

Also in the list:

  • Turning on/off the fan
  • Closing/opening doors
  • Turning off the light before bedtime




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