I Took the Plunge and Stayed Home


Back then, every time I would look at my mom, I always thought to myself, “I will never become a housewife”.

It was endless what my mom had to do at home. She woke up ahead in order to wake us up early. Breakfast would be ready. Our meals for school would be packed in our lunchboxes. Our uniforms would be laid out and ready for us to wear. She’d make sure we get to school safely. When we come back, the house would be clean, the laundry  would be washed, dried, and folded, and snacks would be waiting for us. She would then tutor us on our lessons, help with assignments, and get dinner ready in time for my dad to come home. At night, she’d be washing the dishes, getting us to bed, and then and only then was she able to rest. The cycle would begin again the next day.

davidandgee maternityshoot

Looking at this, I didn’t want it. That is, until I met my husband. He, on the other hand, had the opposite experience. His mother was a working mom. And so, he wanted to have the experience I had and wanted it for our children. So, before we got married, he asked
me whether I was willing to forego working in order to care for the home and our future family. Admittedly, this totally erased the dreams I had for myself as an independent career woman and it took a while for me to accept what my husband was asking. I looked back at my childhood and imagined what it would be like for our family if I was around the home, managing the house, caring for the kids, and being there for my husband. After much thought, I decided I didn’t have a problem with the vision that I saw.

And so, I resigned from my job as a nurse of four years and became a full-time housewife.

The question is, how did it end up for me? Well, it’s been 3 years since I officially became a housewife and two years since I became a stay-at-home and I tell you, it hasn’t been a perfect ride. There have been joys and there have been pains. There have been losses and there have been gains.

I’m not always going around with a smile on my face. There are moments when I would be so tired of doing anything at all. Days would come when I would feel so frustrated because I can’t seem to make it out of the kitchen what with all the cooking, washing, and then preparing for the next meal to do. There are mornings when I would just like to sleep in a little longer and have someone else take care of me.


How do I deal during times like these? I remind myself of all the joys and experiences gained since staying home. How I can witness my sons milestones each day, to be with him, and rearing him in the way we want as parents. How I have more time to help my husband in our family and in his ministry.

So there it is. It’s funny how I ended up being just like my mom when I didn’t want to in the first place. I was going through what she went through and feeling what she was feeling. But the blessing I have is this, I have a wonderful example to look up to – my very own mother. Thank you, mama.


In the end, I realized being a housewife and a full-time mom is for me. This is where God is going to test me and mold me into the woman He wants me to be.


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